Question of the Day- 5

As physicians, we need to know some definitions in Genetics, which are related directly to our practice and guide us to diagnose and treat many genetic disorders. These items include genome, genotype, phenotype, genetic code, gene expression, etc.

Which one of the following choices describes the definition of a phenotype?

A- Genetic history of an organism

B- DNA structure that determines the expression of a trait

C- An observable physical or biochemical trait on an organism

D- Physical location of a trait on a DNA molecule



Phenotype is the observable physical or biochemical features that seen on an organism featuring the expression of genotype.

The correct answer is C

The winner of the day is Elekwa

Thank you all for your answers and please stick around for the next question of the day.

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  1. Answer is c.phenotype is the observatory physical and biomechanical features in an is the combination of proteins elements and fluid that make up an individual. Controlled by the genotype and all the factors that favours gen expression and thus phenotype is the realization of that codes at genetic or nucleic acid level

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