Question of the Day- 4

A 48 year-old man, who visited his daughter in London last week, complains of sudden severe pain and swelling in his right leg during his flight back to the USA. He is taken to the hospital and ultrasound is performed. It reveals femoral vein thrombosis.

What is the most likely contributed to this finding?



C-Alcohol abuse


E-Daily aspirin


Immobilization during long flights predisposes to deep venous thrombosis. Immobilization for long hours as in this case and in prolonged bed restrictions such as cases of paralysis or following major surgeries is the most common cause of deep venous thrombosis. Hypertension contributes to thrombosis in arteries due to atherosclerosis. Alcohol abuse may lead to liver disease which contributes to coagulopathy and hemorrhage. Hypothyroidism and aspirin do not have any relation to DVT.

The correct answer is B

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