Question of the Day- 7

A 21 year-old college student complains of the appearance of yellowish coloration on her sclera. She mentions that she had been dizzy and weak for the last 3 days but did not feel any pain or fever and no change in stool color. Abdominal examination reveals normal bowel sounds and no tenderness or organomegaly. Laboratory tests show normal levels of liver enzymes and  serum bilirubin.

Which is the most likely initial diagnosis?

A- Hepatocellular disease

B- Hemolysis

C- Gallstones

D- Obstructive jaundice

E- Pancreatic cancer


This is a case of hemolysis which is characterized by jaundice without hepatic involvement or biliary obstruction. History, physical examination and laboratory tests confirm this etiology.

The correct answer is B

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  1. B hemolysis.
    Can’t be gallstones without pain, obstructive without change in stool color. No wt loss and too young for ca. Normal liver enzymes rules out hepatocellular disease.

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