USMLE Question of the Day- 8

A 57 year-old man presents to the ER complaining of sudden dizziness and heart racing for 2 hours. He is a CEO of a big corporation and those symptoms started during a stressful meeting. At first, he felt irregular heartbeats and ignored it but he felt dizzy soon after and his staff drove him to the ER. There is NO chest pain, shortness of breath or loss of consciousness. His vital signs are temp 97.8 F, Pulse 138/min and irregular, blood pressure 107/60 and oxygen saturation is 96% on room air. His ECG shows irregular irregularity with absence of P waves.

What is the appropriate treatment to improve his symptoms in this current situation?

A- Metoprolol

B- Aspirin

C- Heparin

D- Cardioversion

E- Refer to cardiologist


This is most probably a case of atrial fibrillation. The next appropriate step of action is to improve the rate in order to improve the symptoms as the question specifies it. The drug of choice to improve the rate is metoprolol. The patient may need cardioversion later in the process but it is not the appropriate first step and the patient condition needs to be stable before taking any further action.

The correct answer is A

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  1. Metoprolol

  2. D dc cardioversion

  3. Metoprolol

  4. Metoprolol

  5. A metoprolol

  6. Metoprolol

  7. Metoprolol
    Is beta blocker and act as anti arrhythmic drug

  8. D- Cardioversion

  9. Metaprolol

  10. cardioversion

  11. cardioversion

  12. A.Metoprolol

  13. Metprolol

  14. Metoprolo

  15. Dc cardioverison

  16. E.refer to cardiologist

  17. Heparin

  18. Patient has AF but hemodynamically stable. He needs rate control with b blockers(metoprolol).

  19. Cardioversion…

  20. Aspirin

  21. Cardiovascular version

  22. Cardioversion

  23. Metoprolol

  24. To control the rate of heartbeat, metoprolol should be given. Maybe she’s suffering atrial fibrillation.

  25. Metoptolol

  26. The correct answer is Option C

  27. A-Metoprolol

  28. Metoprolol

  29. E is correct answer, I would like to refer him to Cardiologist.

  30. DC-Cardiovertion..
    he is present with less than 48hrs ..first episode..less than 65 yrs of age..

  31. Metoprolol is given

  32. Option A- Metoprolol

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