Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 295

A 40-year-old woman complains of fatigue, headache and generalized pain for 9 months. She presented to the clinic several times and had multiple negative workups. Her pain started as localized to her head, neck and shoulder but now it is generalized. On physical examination, there are multiple points of tenderness on bony prominences.

What is the most likely prognosis of this condition?

A – Symptomatic improvement with supportive therapy

B – Slow progression to permanent disability

C – Full recovery with specific medical therapy

D – Full recovery with multiple surgeries

E – Full recovery with radiation and chemotherapy


This is a classic presentation of fibromyalgia with multiple tender points and negative workup. Treatment of fibromyalgia is mainly symptomatic. There is no approved therapy or surgery that can lead to full recovery. Fibromyalgia is not accompanied by permanent disability.

The Correct Answer is A

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  1. The questions are pretty easy..plz tel me.. are they real question repeated in usmle step 1 main exams?????

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