Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 329

Q- Mullerian-inhibitory factor plays a major rule in development of the male reproductive system. Which type of cells secrets it?

A- Leydig cells

B- Sertoli cells

B- Sertoli cells

Q- If a new effective treatment for COVID-19 is initiated, which of the following will be the appropriate effect on incidence and prevalence?

A- Both incidence and prevalence increase

B- Incidence decreases with no change in prevalence

C- No change in both

D- No current change in incidence and decreased prevalence

D- No change in current incidence and decreased prevalence

Q- Which of the following defense mechanisms is most likely associated with paranoia?

A- Projection

B- Splitting

C- Superego lacunae

D- Undoing

A- Projection

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  1. A new effective treatment affects prevalence as a lot of patients will get cured but incidence will currently remain the same as it is a pandemic disease. Later, it will be definitely a change in incidence. Thank you Dr. for your comment.

  2. Thank you but if new drug developed for a communicable disease prevalence decrease thereby transmission and eventually incidence too

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