Pharmacology MCQs- 248

Q- Which of the following drugs is used after chemotherapy to increase the leukocyte count if it drops?

A- Dexamethasone

B- Filgrastim

C- Interleukin-2

D- Prednisone

B- Filgrastim

Q- Which of the following drugs has the shortest half-life and used in acute anxiety?

A- Alprazolam

B- Chlordiazepoxide

C- Clonazepam

D- Flurazepam

A- Alprazolam

Q- Which one of these drugs reverses both muscarinic and nicotinic effects of organophosphorus compounds by restoring cholinesterase?

A- Atracurium

B- Atropine

C- Physostigmine

D- Pralidoxime

D- Pralidoxime

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