Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Pharmacology MCQs- 303

Q- Which one of the following substances is released by sympathetic postganglionic neurons which innervate renal vascular smooth muscle?

A- Acetyl choline

B- Dopamine

C- Epinephrine

D- Norepinephrine

B-Dopamine- All sympathetic postganglionic neurons release norepinephrine except neurons in the sweat glands which release acetyl choline and the neurons in renal vascular smooth muscle which release dopamine.

Q- Which one of the following drugs is contraindicated in a case of osteoporosis?

A- Albuterol

B- Calcium oxalate

C- Prednisone

D- Simvastatin

C-Prednisone- All glucocorticoids including prednisone and cortisone inhibits bone formation and accelerate its resorption.

Q- Acetazolamide and other carbonic anhydrase inhibitors act at which part of the kidney?

A- Collecting duct

B- Descending loop of Henle

C- Distal tubule

D- Proximal tubule

D-Proximal tubule- These diuretics increase secretion of bicarbonate, sodium and potassium.

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