Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Review- 24

Q- Which of the following muscles are the primary abductors of the arm at the shoulder?

A- Deltoid and biceps

B- Deltoid and coracobrachialis

C- Deltoid and infraspinatus

D- Deltoid and supraspinatus

D- Deltoid and supraspinatus

Q- Which one of the following anti-depressants is most likely effective in bulimia nervosa?

A- Amitriptyline

B- Fluoxetine

C- Imipramine

D- Tranylcypromine

B- Fluoxetine

Q- Injury of the C8 and T1 at the lower portion of the brachial plexus most likely affects which one of the following nerves?

A- Axillary nerve

B- Median nerve

C- Radial nerve

D- Ulnar nerve

D- Ulnar nerve

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