Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Review- 44

Q- A person experienced devastating moment 10 years ago when her parents died in a motor vehicle accident. When asked today, she could not remember any details although she knew all the details of the accident when it happened.

Which one of the following defense mechanisms most likely explains this reaction?

A- Reaction formation

B- Regression

C- Repression

D- Suppression

C- Repression- It is unintentionally withholding an event from conscious awareness. Suppression is the same but it is intentionally withholding it. Reaction formation is wading-off an idea to its opposite. Regression is involuntarily going back to previous stage of life such as a previously toilet-trained child starts bedwetting again due a stress.

Q- A football player is taken to the hospital due to broken right arm during school game. He is not able to extend his arm and his sensations on the lateral side of his hand and a portion of the first two and half digits are lost. Which one of the following nerves is most likely affected?

A- Axillary nerve

B- Median nerve

C- Radial nerve

D- Ulnar nerve

C- Radial nerve- It is the nerve responsible for innervation of the extensor muscles of the back of forearm and superficial sensation of the radial side of the arm and a portion of the lateral two and half digits.

Q- Red blood cells have abundant hemoglobin but they lack RNA and other cell organelles. Which of the following processes is the main source of ATP in RBCs?

A- Gluconeogenesis

B- Glycolysis

C- Glycogenolysis

D- Oxidative phosphorylation

B- Glycolysis- Erythrocytes don’t have mitochondria which is the site for oxidative phosphorylation so, they depend on glycolysis for the production of ATP.

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