Repeated USMLE Questions Step 2 CK- Review- 13

Q- An unstable patient presents to the ER with suspected ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. Which of the following is the test of choice for this condition?

A- Abdominal CT scan

B- Abdominal ultrasonography

C- MRI of the abdomen

D- Plain abdominal x-ray

B- Abdominal ultrasonography- It provides quick bedside results faster than other choices. CT scan and x-ray are not accurate in detecting the rupture due to intestinal gas and other factors. MRI can’t be done on bedside

Q- Which of the following is the most significant complication of gestational diabetes in the third trimester of pregnancy?

A- Congenital malformation

B- Fetal growth retardation

C- Hyperosmolar coma

D- Placental insufficiency

D- Placental insufficiency- This is the most common and dangerous complication as it may lead to fetal demise.

Q- Which one of the following is the most common initial symptom is a case of bullous pemphigoid?

A- Bullae formation

B- Fever

C- Pruritis

D- Superficial ulcers

C- Pruritis- It is the most common first symptom in this case. Bullae develop years after pruritis and fever is very rare. Superficial ulcers are very late complication of bullae and very rare.

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