Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Review- 45- Pharmacology

Q- A patient is recently diagnosed with Sjogren syndrome.

Which one of the following medications is a potent stimulator of tears?

A- Bethanechol

B- Carbachol

C- Methacholine

D- Pilocarpine

D- Pilocarpine- It is a potent stimulator of tears, sweat and saliva so, it is used in dry eyes which is significant in Sjogren syndrome.

Q- Ingestion of tyramine-containing food may cause hypertensive crisis for patients who use MAO inhibitors. Which one of the following medications can be given to those patients who eat this type of food?


B- Phentolamine

C- Prazosin

D- Tamsulosin

B- Phentolamine- It is non-selective alpha-blocker and can be given to patients who take MAO inhibitors and eat tyramine-containing foods to protect against hypertensive crisis.

Q- Coronary vasospasm is a devastating reaction to which one of the following drugs?

A- Amphetamines

B- Niacin

C- Rifampin

D- Verapamil

A- Amphetamines- Coronary vasospasm can be a devastating side effect to cocaine, ergot alkaloids, amphetamines and sumatriptan.

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