Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Review- 47- Pharmacology

Q- Cytochrome P-450 is an enzyme system responsible for the biotransformation of certain drugs.

Which one of the following medications induces cytochrome P-450 interaction with some other medications?

A- Cimetidine

B- Chloramphenicol

C- Rifampin

D- Sulfasalazine

C- Rifampin- It is the only one on the list of medications induces cytochrome P-450. The other medications inhibit cytochrome P-450.

Q- Which one of the following medications can be used safely for hypertension in pregnancy?

A- Captopril

B- Furosemide

C- Lisinopril

D- Methyldopa

D- Methyldopa- It is the drug of choice of hypertension during pregnancy. Other safe medications are labetalol, hydralazine and nifedipine. ACE inhibitors and diuretics should be avoided in pregnancy.

Q- Which one of the following oral hypoglycemics is the first-line therapy in type 2 diabetes and can lead to lactic acidosis?

A- Glyburide

B- Metformin

C- Pramlintide

D- Rosiglitazone

B- Metformin- It is the drug of choice in initial treatment of type 2 diabetes. It inhibits hepatic gluconeogenesis and glucagon action. It is contraindicated in renal insufficiency.

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