Repeated USMLE Questions Step 2 CK- Review- 23

Q- A 75-year-old man presents with visual hallucinations over the past 3 months. Last year he developed tremors, gait disturbance, confusion and forgetfulness. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

A- Alzheimer disease

B- Lewy body dementia

C- Parkinson’s disease

D- Vascular dementia

B- Lewy body dementia- It is more progressive than any other types of dementia and associated with features of Parkinson’s disease. Alzheimer’s has a progressive and gradual course while vascular dementia has a stepwise progression.

Q- A 65-year-old man is diagnosed with mesothelioma. He has a long history of smoking. He works in the shipbuilding industry for 20 years. Which of the following statements is correct about the association of smoking, asbestos exposure and mesothelioma?

A- Asbestos exposure increases the risk of mesothelioma regardless of smoking

B- Both smoking and asbestos exposure are synergistically increase the risk of mesothelioma

C- No relation between smoking or asbestos exposure to mesothelioma

D- Smoking increases the risk of mesothelioma regardless of asbestos exposure

A- Asbestos exposure increases the risk of mesothelioma regardless of smoking- It is not approved that smoking with or without asbestos exposure has any relation to mesothelioma. Prolonged exposure has the same risk as brief exposure. There is also no relationship between the dose of exposure and the risk of mesothelioma.

Q- Which one of the following is the treatment of choice of a case of lymphogranuloma venereum?

A- Acyclovir

B- Ampicillin

C- Doxycycline

D- Vancomycin

C- Doxycycline- It is the only one on the list that is effective against Chlamydia which is the causative organism of lymphogranuloma venereum.

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