USMLE Review- 17

Q- Which of the following joint conditions is characterized by narrowing of joint space and formation of osteophytes?

A- Gouty arthritis

B- Osteoarthritis

C- Pseudo-gout

D- Rheumatoid arthritis

B- Osteoarthritis

Q- Which one of the following drugs works through inhibition of acetyl-cholinesterase enzyme and used in myasthenia gravis?

A- Atropine

B- Montelukast

C- Neostigmine

D- Noradrenaline

C- Neostigmine

Q- A patient presents with pruritic rash on his face, palms and soles, bloody diarrhea and abnormal liver tests two weeks after bone marrow transplantation. Which of the following is the mechanism of this condition?

A- Activation of the donor B-lymphocytes

B- Activation of the donor T -lymphocytes

C- Activation of the host T-lymphocytes

D- Development of liver failure

B- Activation of the donor T –lymphocytes


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