USMLE Review- 18

Q- A patient with HIV history develops fecal urgency and bloody diarrhea. Which of the following is the most likely causative organism?

A- Entamoeba histolytica

B- Clostridium difficile

C- Cytomegalovirus

D- Giardia lamblia

C- Cytomegalovirus

Q- Which one of the following medications acts at the proximal tubule of the kidney?

A- Acetazolamide

B- Furosemide

C- Hydrochlorothiazide

D- Spironolactone

A- Acetazolamide

Q- Which one of the following gastrointestinal conditions is NOT associated with blood in stools?

A- Cancer colon

B- Diverticulosis

C- Irritable bowel syndrome

D- Ulcerative colitis

C- Irritable bowel syndrome

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