USMLE Review- 19

Q- Which one of the following antibiotics has NO effect on anaerobes?

A- Ampicillin

B- Clindamycin

C- Metronidazole

D- Tobramycin

D- Tobramycin- Aminoglycosides need oxygen to work so, they are not effective against anaerobes.


Q- Anemia occurs in cases of multiple myeloma most likely results from which one of the following factors?

A- Defective absorption of urine

B- Infiltration of bone marrow with massive numbers of plasma cells

C- Loss of blood due to gastrointestinal bleeding

D- Low production of hemopoietin

B- Infiltration of bone marrow with massive numbers of plasma cells. Renal failure may occur later.


Q- Which one of the following is a fatal complication of multiple long bone fractures in a young age?

A- Deep venous thrombosis

B- Fat embolism

C- Pericardial effusion

D- Thromboembolism

B- Fat embolism- It is rare but unpredictable. It can lead to sudden death in a young patient. Thrombosis and its complication are excluded because the patient is young.

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