Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Review- 7

Q- Thrombosis of the appendicular artery is significant due to compression by inflammatory edema. This artery arises directly from which of the following arteries?

A- Inferior mesenteric artery

B- Ileocolic artery

C- Right colic artery

D- Superior mesenteric artery

B- Ileocolic artery- Appendicular artery arises directly from ileocolic artery which is one of the terminal branches of superior mesenteric artery.

Q- An autopsy of an adult shows enormous cardiomyopathy, high level of cardiac deposition of glycosphingolipids and restricted cardiocytes. Which of the following lipid storage disease is most likely the correct diagnosis?

A- Fabry’s disease

B- Gaucher’s disease

C- Niemann-Pick disease

D- Tay-Sachs disease

A- Fabry’s disease- It is an X-linked disorder caused by deficiency of alpha-galactosidase A. It leads to deposition of glycosphingolipids in different organs most commonly heart, kidneys and eyes.

Q- Which one of the following antihypertensive medications is NOT safe in pregnancy?

A- Labetalol

B- Lisinopril

C- Nifedipine

D- Methyldopa

B- Lisinopril- ACE inhibitors are NOT safe in pregnancy as they are teratogenic. Other options are safe during pregnancy.  

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