Pharmacology MCQs- 249

Q- Stimulation of muscarinic receptors by pilocarpine is competitively inhibited by which of the following medications?

A- Atropine

B- Edrophonium

C- Physostigmine

D- Pralidoxime

A- Atropine

Q- Which one of the following local anesthetics can NOT be given parenterally due to its physicochemical properties?

A- Benzocaine

B- Etidocaine

C- Mepivacaine

D- Procaine

A- Benzocaine

Q- Which one of the following drugs is the most effective for nausea and vomiting of pregnancy?

A- Cimetidine

B- Loratadine

C- Meclizine

D- Ondansetron

C- Meclizine

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