Pharmacology MCQs- 262

Q- Naloxone is the treatment of choice of which one of the following toxicities?

A- Amitriptyline toxicity

B- Citalopram overdose

C- Hydrocodone toxicity

D- Methylphenidate overdose

C- Hydrocodone toxicity

Q- Administration of clopidogrel with aspirin is an example of which of the following drug interactions?

A- Additive

B- Permissive

C- Synergistic

D- Tachyphylactic

C- Synergistic 

Q- Which of the following medications prevents cholesterol absorption at small intestine brush border?

A- Colestipol

B- Ezetimibe

C- Fenofibrate

D- Niacin

B- Ezetimibe

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