Pharmacology MCQs- 276

Q- Reflex tachycardia caused by systemic albuterol can be blocked by which of the following medications?

A- Dobutamine

B- Metoprolol

C- Phenylephrine

D- Prazosin

B- Metoprolol- Beta blocker is the only choice that blocks beta agonists such as albuterol.

Q- Which one of the following medications can be used safely in cases of lack of liver function?

A- Clonazepam

B- Diazepam

C- Lorazepam

D- Midazolam

C- Lorazepam- It is the only one on the list that undergoes extrahepatic metabolism.

Q- Which of the following medications is selectively used in NSAID-induced gastric ulcer?

A- Bismuth

B- Cimetidine

C- Famotidine

D- Misoprostol

D- Misoprostol- NSAIDs inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins which is GI protective.

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