Repeated USMLE Questions- Pharmacology- 287

Q- Which of the following is the most dangerous adverse effect of chronic alcohol abuse?

A- Cutaneous vasodilation

B- Impaired judgment

C- Live cirrhosis

D- Respiratory depression

C- Live cirrhosis- It occurs gradually due to chronic alcohol abuse. Other options are acute side effects of alcohol.

Q- Which of the following is considered an indication of first-generation histamine H1-receptor blockers?

A- Allergy

B- Apoplexy

C- Cough

D- Peptic ulcer

A- Allergy- Loratadine, cetirizine and desloratadine are non-drowsy anti-allergic drugs.

Q- Which of the following characteristics is correct if the drug is highly tissue-bound?

A- High metabolic rate

B- Low drug dilution

C- Low plasma concentration

D- Low volume of distribution

C- Low plasma concentration- It is a common sense that if a drug is bound to tissues, its plasma concentration will be low as well as metabolic rate. Drug dilution and volume of distribution would be high.

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