Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 345

Q- Which one of the following medications act as bacteriostatic by inhibiting bacterial dihydrofolate reductase?

A- Ciprofloxacin

B- Dapsone

C- Sulfamethoxazole

D- Trimethoprim

D- Trimethoprim

Q- Which of the following statements is true about innate immunity?

A- Highly specific and refined over time

B- Its main components are T cells, B cells and circulating antibodies

C- Its main secreted proteins are immunoglobulins

D- Resistance persists through generations

D- Resistance persists through generations

Q- Which of the following disorders is most likely related to body dysmorphic disorder?

A-Generalized anxiety disorder

B- Malingering

C- Obsessive compulsive disorder

D- Post-traumatic stress disorder

C- Obsessive compulsive disorder

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