USMLE Q Bank Step 1-4

A 6-year-old girl presents to the emergency room with her mother for a deep wound on her right forearm. Her mother tells you that her daughter was playing at school today and wounded herself when she fell on a big rock. When you ask her about her vaccination, she tells you that her daughter had all her vaccinations before the school started this year.

What is the most appropriate therapy for this girl?

A- Tetanus toxoid

B- Tetanus antitoxin

C- Both tetanus toxoid and antitoxin

D- Neither tetanus toxoid or antitoxin


This girl already received her vaccination before the school started this year. For this reason, there is no vaccination therapy needed for this girl at this time.

The correct answer is D

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5 thoughts on “USMLE Q Bank Step 1-4”

  1. yes if he had already vaccinated .
    he doesnt need any vaccination

    l agree and the answer is D

  2. She already have the vaccine recently so, she doesn’t need antitoxin. It is useless in this case.

  3. Ok i get the part of the vaccine but why not give antitoxin?

  4. Thank you

  5. The answer is D.

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