Anatomy MCQs- 4

Q- Injury of which of the following nerves caused loss of sensation of the palmar surface of the lateral three and half digits and the lateral part of the palm?

A- Axillary nerve

B- Median nerve

C- Radial nerve

D- Ulnar nerve

B- Median nerve- It also supplies, in addition of sensations mentioned above, the major pronators, thumb flexors and the opponens pollicis.

Q- The gland responsible for secretion of prolactin is derived from which of the following structures?

A- Infundibulum

B- Neurohypophysis

C- Primordial follicle

D- Rathke’s pouch

D- Rathke’s pouch- Anterior pituitary is originated from this structure while posterior pituitary is originated from neurohypophysis.

Q- Injury of the which of the following nerves results in loss of sensations of over the right scrotum and the medial side of the thigh?

A- Genitofemoral nerve

B- Ilioinguinal nerve

C- Lateral cutaneous nerve

D- Pudendal nerve

B- Ilioinguinal nerve- A supplies motor of cremaster muscles, B supplies skin over the lateral side of the thigh and D supplies external anal sphincter and a part of the dorsal skin of the scrotum.

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