Anatomy MCQs- 4

Q- Injury of which of the following nerves caused loss of sensation of the palmar surface of the lateral three and half digits and the lateral part of the palm?

A- Axillary nerve

B- Median nerve

C- Radial nerve

D- Ulnar nerve

B- Median nerve- It also supplies, in addition of sensations mentioned above, the major pronators, thumb flexors and the opponens pollicis.

Q- The gland responsible for secretion of prolactin is derived from which of the following structures?

A- Infundibulum

B- Neurohypophysis

C- Primordial follicle

D- Rathke’s pouch

D- Rathke’s pouch- Anterior pituitary is originated from this structure while posterior pituitary is originated from neurohypophysis.

Q- Injury of the which of the following nerves results in loss of sensations of over the right scrotum and the medial side of the thigh?

A- Genitofemoral nerve

B- Ilioinguinal nerve

C- Lateral cutaneous nerve

D- Pudendal nerve

B- Ilioinguinal nerve- A supplies motor of cremaster muscles, C supplies skin over the lateral side of the thigh and D supplies external anal sphincter and a part of the dorsal skin of the scrotum.

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  1. Please read the question and answer carefully. Ilioinguinal supplies sensation while genitofemoral supplies the cremasteric muscle which is responsible for cremasteric reflex as you mentioned. Thank you dear Dr. for your comment.

  2. Genitfemoral for cremasteric reflex not illioinguinal

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