Pharmacology MCQs- 252

Q- An 80 mg dose of a drug was administered to a patient. 40 mg was eliminated during the first hour. This drug follows first-order elimination kinetics.

Which of the following is the amount of the drug remains 3 hours after administration?

A- 30 mg

B- 20 mg

C- 10 mg

D- None

C- 10 mg

Q- Which of the following differentiate neostigmine from pilocarpine?

A- Acceleration of heart rate

B- Prolonged skeletal muscle contraction

C- Stimulation of bowel motility

D- Stimulation of salivary glands

B- Prolonged skeletal muscle contractio

Q- Which one of the following actions of epinephrine is blocked by prazosin?

A- Bronchial dilation

B- High stroke volume

C- Pupil dilation

D- Tachycardia

C- Pupil dilation

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