Medical Question of the Day- 11


Your 8-year-old daughter wakes you up in the middle of the night complaining of severe coughing. You bring the child to the doctor the next day and upon examination, the following is revealed: noisy breathing on inspiration, flaring of the nostrils, marked retractions of the chest wall, and a severe barking cough. She has also developed an upper respiratory tract infection.

What would be the best diagnosis for the patient?

A- Asthma

B- Bronchiolitis

C- Foreign body stuck in the main bronchus

D- Viral croup


The child is suffering from a viral croup. A barking cough is the most common symptom of a viral croup. A viral croup is also an infection of the upper respiratory tract, thus best-fitting the symptoms the child is having.

The correct answer is D

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  1. Thank you subhash

  2. Thank you Elan

  3. Viral croup

  4. barking Cough+inspiratory stridor in a kid is a classical presentation of Croup

  5. Thank you Vera

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  7. Thank you Emmanuel

  8. D viral croup

  9. Thank you Melvyn

  10. The answer is B.Bronchiolitis which affects people of any age being severe in infants with increasing coryza and congestion in an acute manner over 48hours with nasal flaring and retraction.

  11. Thank you Tanvi

  12. Thank you Elan

  13. Viral croup

  14. Answer is “Viral croup”

  15. Thank you Maham

  16. Answer: D
    Clues… 8yr old, barking cough.
    Age excludes bronchiolitis, and she is old enough to exclude foreign body. Asthma should have some history regarding breathlessness or aspirin use etc.

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