Medical Question of the Day- 34

A 62-year-old man presents to the clinic with rashes all over his body and painful joints. Last month, he was diagnosed with arrhythmia. He is taking one medication for it.

Laboratory tests reveal anti-histone antibodies.

Which of the following drugs is most likely responsible for this condition?








Hydralazine use is known for causing lupus-like syndrome which is characterized by joint pain, skin rashes, swollen glands and muscle aches with fever. Anti-histone antibodies test is diagnostic.

The correct answer is A

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  15. Hydralazine

  16. Drug induced lupus..A. hydralazine

  17. Hydralazine

  18. Hydralazine. Drug induce lupus becoz antihestone antibody is there

  19. Hydralazine

  20. Hydralazine

  21. Hydralazine

  22. Hydralazine

  23. Hydralazine

  24. Propranolol

  25. Hydralazine

  26. Hydralazine

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  28. Correct answer – A-Hydralazine

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  30. Hydralazine

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  39. Hydralazine

  40. Sle have anti histone antibodies
    Drugs for that are procanimide, hydralazine, antimalarial, sulfonamide, dapsone, gold, griseofulvin in antibiotics, penicillin and tetracycline

  41. A Hydralazine

  42. A Hydralazine

  43. Sle like syndrome —> hydralazine, izoniazid, procainamide…

  44. Hydralazine

  45. c. propranolol

  46. Hydralazine

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